Resident of Vis Island, Croatia and Macedonian – American yoga teacher Neda Kocare is a lifelong vegetarian yogi. She believes the yogi saying that if you do yoga in this lifetime you must have done it in previous ones as well. Neda considers herself a student of yoga first and foremost. In 2010 she discovers the Ashtanga Yoga method and starts practicing in religiously at her home. After a lifetime of practice and soon after finding Ashtanga Yoga, she decides to embarks on the path of a yoga teacher. Since then she can’t seem to stop. Accumulating over 2000 hours in formal training, she is a Yoga Therapist, an E-RYT 200, E-RYT 500 and YACEP; still hungry for more knowledge and new challenges. Among her teachers she credits Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor, Doug Swenson, Lea Loncar, Petra Carmichael, Eddie Stern, Silke Polanco and Javier Castro as being the most influential in her personal practice.

Currently she is splitting her time teaching yoga on the Island of Vis, Croatia, and her hometown of Skopje, Macedonia, after spending a decade living and learning yoga in the USA. She is the owner and founder of her very own studio Inside Yoga in the center of Skopje where she founded the first yoga school in Macedonia, and held the first ever Yoga Teacher Training. She is also the owner of Vis Island Yoga, teaching regular SUP Yoga classes for the past 7 years. She regularly guest teaches on yoga retreats as well as Yoga Teacher Trainings. Besides that she holds her own YTTs and annual retreats on the island of Vis, Croatia. She is the founder of the first Mysore class in Skopje, and is truly dedicated to spreading the love and practice of yoga in her neck of the woods, wherever that may be.

Neda teaches from the heart and from intuition. She believes that our ultimate teachers are nature and our own experience. Nothing can replace our intuitive knowledge, and is through the yoga practice that we learn how to cultivate the sensitivity to start listening better to our bodies ( finding stability and ease) , our minds (the somatic experience: body-mind connection), our hearts (realizing that we are all one: escaping fear, comparison and competition, sharing with others) and souls (the divine within). This deep felt intuition can only be cultivated through a dedicated disciplined practice. One of Neda’s most important messages is to awaken the importance of cultivating a self-practice in her students.

Besides yoga, Neda is a a sea mermaid ( she might love swimming just a bit more than yoga), slow mover, avid traveler, herb grower, amateur photographer, home cook, melophile, and the best friend of a 5 year old cocker spaniel named Yoda . Oh yes, and she has a BA in International Security and Conflict Resolution with an emphasis in Environment, and a MSc in Land Management. PhD coming soon :).